Sep 15, 2008

Trying to catch up....

Now that there is just too much to post about and not enough space... Here I am again. :) So, I will try to make this short and sweet, but most likely it will be too long and drawn out. I will try to post the events in the order they happened but they might get mixed up because it has been so long.

First on the list- K started 1st grade! So far so good and he still likes it. I was really nervous about the all day eating at school thing because normally he is a very picky eater and I never seem to make the right thing for him to want to eat. I guess that I just give him too many options...

First day of School

I think that the kids are in denial about summer coming to an end... Not me! I love fall and can't wait. Of course after fall comes winter, and that I am not looking forward to. Anyway, the kids had to have some more fun in the water while they could.
I'm surprised she is actually running through it! Usually she will just lay in it and get run over...

Which is what is going on in this picture.
K trying to show M how it's done
But even the Sponge Bob slip n' slide is second to the Nintendo DS

Lucy the Schnotty (that's just what I call her.. she is part Scotty and Schnauzer... heehee)
So some of you may know about our beloved Ozzy the boxer.... He was in our family for nearly 14 years but sadly we ended up having to put him down. He had a brain tumor that was causing him problems and alot of pain. Well, my family has always had a dog for as long as I can remember and needless to say my Mom started going crazy after about 3 days of not having one around. After lots of looking she finally found Lucy at the pound and went to rescue her. She is about 3 months old and lots of fun!
She always has to be chewing on something! So far her favorite is Flip-Flops...
K and Lucy are best friends! They have a nightly ritual of wrestling and playing tug of war... usually with items that she isn't supposed to have... *sigh*

M's Snail... Gary of course!!!
One night a couple of weekends ago, the kids came home from their Dad's house with M holding a blue cup in her hand. I looked at their dad and nervously asked him what was in the cup.... He smiled and told M to show me her new pet. When I looked down I was relieved to see a huge slimey snail instead of a snake or something comparable. M proceded to tell me that he was her friend and she had to take care of him now.... Apparently they had all been up to Lost Creek fishing and M caught the snail instead. For as girly as she can be, she surprises me with her love for all things slimey and gross. Anyway, M continued to tell me she named him Gary and he was sleeping in her room. I couldn't stop laughing at her seriousness and the name that she picked. I never knew that Spongebob was so influencial.... I was able to talk M into letting me put Gary in a mason jar with some weeds and water and he lived this way for quite some time. After about 10 days of Gary's new life, I started to get worried that I was going to have a hysterical little girl when she no longer saw her new pet alive. I had a long talk with her and we decided that it was time to set Gary back to the wild, or in this case the backyard.
M and Gary
Releasing Gary into the wild
The kids watching him go.... Actually K was trying to hit him with rocks... boys!

Well... that pretty much covers it in a nutshell....

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Alicia said...

Such a cute family! I haven't seen your daughter since she was first born. She is so adorable